When the Silence can be Deafening

power-of-silencepeople know all too well how loud the silence can be. I am not talking about voices in your head or anything of that nature. I am talking about tinnitus; a ringing in the ears that can be extremely difficult to overcome.

A friend of mine who suffered from this recommended Lipoflavinoids – a dietary supplement that can help improve the condition through a combination of factors.

The reason I write that is to say this; people suffer problems of all nature every single day. Some of them are obvious – food, shelter, transportation. Some of them are not so obvious. But for all of them, we go in search of an answer.

It is in the answer or the solution that people like you and I make money through the provision of a product or service. This problem solving approach lies at the heart of all entrepreneurship.

If you take time to look at problems not as a part of life, but as an opportunity to be made the most of then we begin the see the world in a whole new light!

Life may through up plenty of problems, but inherent in them are rich opportunities for the entrepreneurial amongst us!

To your prosperity!


Seven Ways to Save Money this Week

It is not about how much money you make but on how you save it. Nevertheless, finding ways to save money doesn’t have to require drastic modification. Small and simple steps can make a big difference.

If you want to stretch your budget a little further this week, or you want to save money to pay your other bills, these seven tips for seven days will help you pull in your horns.


Start by browsing online catalogue of your favorite supermarket so you can develop a meal plan on what is on sale. Then stick to your list and make sure you buy them all to avoid unnecessary return trips to the store, thus, saving money and time. It is also important to go to shopping after you have eaten because an empty stomach will lead you to buy more foods.

Another useful tip is scanning the top and bottom shelves, more expensive items are placed at eye level. Moreover, stock up items with a long shelf life that you regularly purchase when they go on sale, such as laundry detergent, bar soap, rice, condiments or pasta. Lastly, try to ask discount on food items that are near their sell date.


Make it a daily habit to turn off lights before living the house and unplug unused appliances from power outlet because they still gobble up energy. It’s better to use pressure cooker to cook food quickly. In addition, using a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water to clean glass and disinfect bathroom can replace your expensive cleansing agent.


Take a walk for short distance destinations. Leave your car in the garage today and commute by public transportation. It will save you from parking fees and gas.

Experts recommend to refuel your car early in the morning when the temperature is cooler, so the fuel is denser. (Source)


Take a pack lunch at work, it’s not only good for your wallet but on your health as well. It is advisable to carry a coffee in a flask to avoid being tempted from overpriced coffee shops.

After shower, opt for towel-drying your hair instead of using energy-guzzling hair drier. Do not buy expensive shaving creams, a conditioner can be a best substitute.

Rather than splurging at the spa, use ingredients such as olive oil, honey or cinnamon that are readily available at home to have a do-it-yourself beautifying treatments.


Challenge yourself to have a “no single penny spent day” at leastonce a week and you would be surprised to keep a nice little stash of cash in your pocket. Staying at home is an extremely effective way of curbing impulse shopping and eating. You can entertain yourself from reading books or indulging into your favorite TV show. Lastly, go to bed tonight earlier than usual to save electricity and have an ample amount of rest.


Family bonding doesn’t necessarily mean heading out to the beach or movie theaters. Yes, you can do that once in a while, but frequent trips outside your abode spell disaster for your budget. Find ways to keep you and your family entertained even just staying at home. You can watch movies together, play games and eat a healthy and tasty meal.


American currency falling

Beliefs Rich People Have

American currency fallingHave you ever wondered why rich people remained in their big houses while most poor people are stuck in poverty street? Why someone has to be poor while others are rich? Well, simply because they do not act and see things alike.

It is said that beliefs are the blueprint of your reality. Your reactions and behavior are primarily based on these mindsets. Did you ever dream of being part of those people from rags to riches? Unfortunately, how to be rich is not part of school’s curriculum. It is never too late, financial skill is something we learn along the way, not born with.You have to start having wealthy beliefs and stand yourself into their shoes. Outlined below are beliefs held by rich:

I have the right and obligation to be rich.”

Rich people claim it is their right to be free from financial anxieties. Nevertheless, they also believe that a right without an obligation is useless. They do not merely claim it, they act on it. They know its their responsibility to look after their wealth. In addition, they have planned possible ways to be rich but winning the lottery is never written on their checklist.

Money is not the root of all evil, it is poverty.”

They see no wrong in money. They view it as something that makes them feel good, improves life, and open up more opportunities. Money is nothing but a medium for exchange, its effect on our lives depends on how we value it. They believe that once money is properly used, it will serve as a great weapon against social evils. For them, it is poverty that breeds crimes, illness, famine and death.

Resources are ultimate key to my success.”

Rich people do not panic, they plan. To succeed in a globally competitive world, they maximize every available resources. Moreover, the road to riches has no shortcuts, they spent many sleepless nights planning and researching in finding the bricks to build their dream of riches. They start spending money to buy assets that will increase their wealth tenfold rather than saving them directly to big banks. Rich people also do not work for someone, instead they solve people’s problem and make money out of it.

Failure is a chapter of success.”

They welcome whatever life throws at them and see problem as an opportunity in-disguise. Failure is only an event of their lives not an ending. Every successful person has failed numerous times but they do not fear it. They take risks, sacrifices and find comfort in uncertainty. When failure comes, giving up is never an option, rather, they stand up and move forward all the way to the top.

Live below your ample means”

They do not act rich, they live how a real wealthy man is. Their life is too preoccupied on buying assets rather than showing off flashy things. Material possessions for them have pointless values. They live today planning for the future and limit their expenses on things that will not improve their quality of life. Lastly, real millionaires set priorities, avoid extravagant expenses but still live a happy life.


Three Important Decisions to Make Now for your Retirement

Financial-Planning-Retirement-PlanningSaying sayonara to the daily grind while you still have your teeth is every worker’s dream. Retirement is a journey not a destination. The idea seems nothing short of daunting because as we all know, life tends to throw us a curve ball every now and then, so it is no doubt a risky road to take.

In preparing for the rigors of not working, it is important to develop a sensible and flexible plan to have a comfortable retirement. This leads us to the question, what are the most important decisions one must make to have a nest egg that carries well into golden years?


Unless an inevitable situation calls for an early retirement, choosing a retirement age is one of the most difficult decisions you make in life. It is a decision that can have a long-lasting effect on you and your family. Weighing the pros and cons will guide you to a successful and rewarding life.

Early retirement will make you enjoy your fruits of labor and an opportunity to pursue hobbies. Nevertheless, make sure your savings are in good shape to suffice your future needs since pensions, social security benefits and medicare will most probably have restrictions or unavailable until the considered “normal” retirement age.

Most employees use the age of 62 as a guide for normal retirement age. Retiring on time gives you the privilege of significant retirement fund with non-modified pension and social security benefits.

On the other hand, retiring past the prime of your life may give you more time to earn and save money. However, the downside of late retirement gives you less chance to enjoy the remaining years because the chances of developing health problems increase with age.


Review the cost of living upon retiring the workforce to figure out expenses. Basically, expenses are not the same at all stages of your life, so you have to craft a reasonable budget that allows you to enjoy the retired years but also anticipates the high cost of long term care.

A prudent plan must cover your basic needs and discretionary spending. Basic need comprises food, shelter, clothing, health care and dependents’ financial needs. Meanwhile, discretionary spending consists of travel plans, entertainment, splurging and charities.


The earlier you start saving for retirement, the more money you might be able to save for the future. You need to own investments so you can stop working for money and let the money work for you. However, the first thing you should do is to set aside an emergency fund that will serve as a buffer in events like illness, disasters or unexpected expenses. Once it is taken care of, you can subsequently explore investments that will pay a steady stream of cash such as dividend, stocks, mutual funds, real states and bonds.

Retirement must be all about living off your hard-earned money. It must be the time where you get to enjoy your remaining years of what life has to offer. Configuring a successful retirement plan does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of courage, strict budget, financial planning and long term commitment.